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We specialize in assisting publicly and privately held companies in minimizing tax liability while generating positive returns.

Insurance Companies

We serve insurance companies in deploying funds strategically to minimize their tax obligations.

Family Offices

We help high net worth individuals and families offset tax obligations through impactful investing generating favorable returns.


We work with developers to provide access to tax equity, bridge loans and debt facilities.


We assist banks in reinvesting in communities, achieving ESG objectives, minimizing tax liability, and generating favorable returns.

Tax Equity Provider

We work with developers to acquire tax credits and allocate credits to investors. We invest in the following types of projects:


Low Income Housing


Carbon Capture

Benefits of Investing in federal tax credits

Reduced Tax Liability:

One of the primary benefits of investing in tax credits is the ability to reduce your overall tax liability. Tax credits directly offset the taxes you owe, dollar-for-dollar, which can lead to significant tax savings.


Investing in tax credits can provide an additional avenue for diversifying your investment portfolio. Tax credit investments may not necessarily correlate with traditional investment markets, potentially adding a layer of diversification to your holdings.

Steady Returns:

Depending on the specific tax credit program, some investments can provide predictable and stable returns over a specified period. This can be particularly appealing to investors seeking reliable income streams.

Supporting Social and Environmental Goals:

Many tax credits are designed to incentivize activities that have positive social or environmental impacts, such as investing in renewable energy, affordable housing, or community development. By investing in these areas, you can align your financial goals with your values.

Access to Specialized Sectors:

Tax credits often target specific industries or sectors, such as renewable energy, carbon capture, historic preservation, or low-income housing. Investing in these sectors through tax credits can provide exposure to opportunities that might not be easily accessible through traditional investments.

Our Executive Team

Mr. Henry is the founder of Vine Invesment Partners, LLC and prior to founding Vine Investment Partners, LLC he was CEO of REA Investments, LLC (solar developer and tax credit syndicator).

Addison Henry

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