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We help publicly traded and privately held companies meet their ESG goals, satisfy tax liabilities and generate positive returns.

Insurance Companies

We help insurance companies deploy funds to accretively solve for tax obligations.


We help high net worth individuals and families offset tax obligations through impactful investing.


We work with developers to provide access to equity.


We help banks to reinvest in communities, meet ESG goals, satisfy tax liabilities and generate positive returns.

Our Services

Tax Equity Provider

We work with developers to acquire tax credits and allocate credits to investors. We invest in the following types of projects:


Low Income Housing




Solar Asset Management

Preferred return billing.

Invoicing for Collections for projects that don’t have a subscriber manager.

Bookkeeping and Accounting (AR,AP, Record Keeping, Bank Recs).

Cash flow forecasting(quarterly).

Production Monitoring and Analysis.

O&M Management.

Subscriber Management.

Manage Tax Returns and TaxCompliance.

Manage Audits and Audit Compliance (Internal and External).

Disposition of Solar Assets

Whether your selling one array or multiple we can help with finding the right buyer and streamlining the process.

What is ESG Investing?

ESG (environmental, social, and governance) investing, is also often called socially responsible investing, impact investing or sustainable investing. Investor interest in corporate ESG goals has gone mainstream and, what was once an alternative investment in ESG funds, is quickly becoming the new norm. ESG refers to the integration of three key elements of business activity:

Impact of ESG Investing
$10mm Investment will generate an offset of


pounds of CO2 equivalent

What kind of impact does a company have on the environment? This can include a company’s carbon footprint, toxic chemicals involved in its manufacturing processes and sustainability efforts that make up its supply chain.


How does the company improve its social impact, both within the company and in the broader community? Social factors include everything from equality, racial diversity in both the executive suite and staff overall, and inclusion programs and hiring practices. It even looks at how a company advocates for social good in the wider world, beyond its limited sphere of business.


How does the company’s board and management drive positive change? Governance includes everything from issues surrounding executive pay to diversity in leadership as well as how well that leadership responds to and interacts with shareholders.

Our Executive Team

Mr. Henry is the founder of Vine Invesment Partners, LLC and prior to founding Vine Investment Partners, LLC he was CEO of REA Investments, LLC (solar developer and tax credit syndicator).

Addison Henry

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